ATTENTION: Movie Lovers’ Club will end February 21st

We thank all our club members for your loyal patronage to the Movie Lovers’ Club and for your passion about Movies On Demand. This long-running rewards program will end February 21st, 2017. Until then, you can still earn and claim your credits. When you order four movies in January and/or February, the fourth Movie On Demand is free. You must claim your credit online within 30 days of ordering that fourth qualifying movie or by February 20th, whichever comes first.

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The Time Warner Cable Movie Lovers' Club is not just a club. It's a rewards program.

With the Time Warner Cable Movie Lovers' Club, you can earn credit for a movie just by ordering Movies On Demand.

How it works: Order four or more Movies On Demand during a calendar month, and you get credit for one of them. Kinda like buy three, get one free.

Your credit: After you watch four movies, come back here and log in. You'll see your list of movies and a button to redeem your credit. This does NOT happen automatically; it's like taking your empty cans and bottles to the beverage store to get your money back. You must return to this Web site, log in and click to redeem your credit. Credits are valid for 30 days. After that, they expire. Credits show up one day after you watch your fourth movie.

Why register? Because you can't play along if you don't. You keep track of your movie-watching progress on this Web site, and when you've purchased four movies, you log into your Time Warner Cable Movie Lovers' Club account and click the "Redeem credit" button to collect what you're due. As a bonus, you'll earn one free movie credit just for signing up! This means you'll receive a credit after you buy your first movie. Remember, you still have to return to this site to redeem the credit.

Some fine print: The Time Warner Cable Movie Lovers' Club is also for people who like new releases. You earn credit (and can redeem) only for regularly priced Movies On Demand and HD Movies On Demand. We offer lower priced specials, double-features and adult movies, but those don't qualify for this club.

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